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Why regional media is on my speed dial

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

By Kelley, Associate Publicist

In preserving the cultural and economic identity of a brand, regional media plays a crucial role. The return of Ale-8-One’s Roxa Kola is a prime example of the significance of local news coverage. In Kentucky, Ale-8-One is more than just a beverage but a part of the local heritage where regional media is essential for its story.

The revival of Roxa Kola, the founding flavor of Ale-8, is more than just a seasonal limited run. It’s a celebration in honor of the 121st anniversary of the company’s establishment and testament to the synergy between a brand and its loyal customers. Regional media coverage shines a light on this special moment, ensuring the people of Kentucky are not only aware of the Roxa Kola relaunch but are also able to savor the nostalgia and authenticity that comes with it.

Check out the local Lexington outlet, Fox 56 (WDKY) News Coverage below!


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